Training Solutions and Services

Learning Management System
The Workforce Coordinator is a customizable online Learning Management System (LMS) that provides OSHA Safety Training Courses. Our flexible platform allows administrators to add, deploy and track courses from a user-friendly dashboard. Students can log-in on any computer with Internet access, at any time to take courses. Reports are generated on all employee course assignments, course completion progress and training expiration dates for Supervisors, HR or other necessary personnel.
Safety Program Assessment
Client’s safety exposures are assessed by our Risk Consultant Professionals before implementation. We help your organization maintain OSHA compliance by assigning appropriate courses based on specific employees' job functions and working environment.
Set-up is easy. All accounts will have access to our full course library. Simply Upload your Training Roster and assign courses by clicking on designated participants and on their designated courses. Individuals and courses can be grouped for more efficient operations. Refresher courses are automatically updated.
Compliance Tracking, Reporting and Notifications
The Workforce Coordinator provides compliance tracking tools. The convenient and easy to use reporting system allows companies to monitor employee progress, training expiration and course completion. The Workforce Coordinator will automatically email employees and supervisors when their training is about to expire. Records updated instantaneously
Document Upload
Upload important Company Documents and Safety Policies. Distribute company policies and directives to individuals, groups or the entire company. Employees' acknowledgements of assigned documents are automatically recorded.