Frequently Asked Questions


Which employees need health and safety training?

All employers must provide every employee with a safe and hazard-free work environment. This law was established in 1970 by OSHA under the General Duty Clause. The Workforce Coordinator will help employers and employees maintain a safe and hazard-free work zone.




What is the difference between the Workforce Coordinator and other online training platforms?

The Workforce Coordinator is a fully integrated Learning Management System (LMS), not just a provider of online training modules. Never worry about deploying your courses, simply log-in, assign training and enjoy the benefits of a fully functional online training program. The Workforce Coordinator provides:

  • Recordkeeping of employee progress and course completion.

  • Uploading of important documents for employee review.

  • Notifications to supervisors and students when training is assigned, near-expiration or non-compliant.

  • Full access to our expanding course library.

Why should I implement an online safety program? 


The Workforce Coordinator online safety platform will help your organization remain OSHA compliant while substantially reducing your training cost versus traditional methods. The Workforce Coordinator delivers state of the art training courses in an easily manageable format. Annual scheduling of online training is automatic. Online training offers greater flexiblity for employees and supervisors.

Does the Workforce Coordinator offer custom course development?

Yes. If your organization requires a higher level of customization, the development team at the Workforce Coordinator will work with you to achieve your desired online training program.