The Workforce Coordinator was created by Risk Control Professionals and Authorized OSHA Outreach Instructors to provide a cost effective alternative to traditional in-house training and expensive outside consultants. Our user-friendly software allows companies to customize a fully functional online training program. The Workforce Coordinator maintains OSHA compliance by assigning courses to all designated employees and automatically schedules any required refresher courses in both Spanish and English.
Notifications are sent as training deadlines approach to employees, Human Resource Managers and any other necessary personnel. Non-compliant reports are generated for HR to increase training efficiency. The Workforce Coordinator reduces workloads for HR, Safety Engineers and Safety Managers.
Improve safety and reduce training costs. Choose the low-cost Workforce Coordinator and reduce the risk of OSHA fines, workers' comp claims, property damage and potential lawsuits.
The Workforce Coordinator is a product of Alliance Risk Control Services, which was founded in 2010 by Amos Kaffenbarger. As a Safety and Risk Consultant Professional, Mr. Kaffenbarger has helped hundreds of clients to maintain safety standards and procedures while consulting a variety of different industries and government entities.
Mr. Kaffenbarger is a graduate of the Northern Illinois University School of Engineering, specializing in Occupational Health and Safety. During his nine years of consulting experience with Construction and Manufacturing Industries, he has worked with companies that range in size from 10 to 10,000 employees. He developed the Workforce Coordinator in response to his customers’ needs. 
The Workforce Coordinator was designed to provide a cost effective, streamlined, OSHA compliant safety training system for organizations that struggle with balancing production and allocating time for safety training. Our system provides quality and convenient safety instruction courses with a year-round schedule. Automatic recordkeeping helps to eliminate tedious, redundant and time-consuming HR operations.