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Online Safety Training for Industry and Construction Companies

Workforce Coordinator offers a comprehensive safety-training program. Experience the benefits of having a multi-functional training platform at your fingertips anywhere that you can access the Internet.

  • Cut training costs – sometimes substantially

  • Build a safer and more efficient workforce

  • Keep employees compliant with OSHA year round

  • Quality consistent course material

  • Convenient online access for individual employees

  • Efficient recordkeeping

The Net Effect: Reduced Company Liability

Proper training reduces injuries and minimizes worker downtime. Companies reduce the chance of fines and property losses while saving on Insurance premiums. Avoid costly Workers Compensation claims and potential lawsuits. The cost of the Workforce Coordinator is minimal when compared to the uncertainty of costly liabilities associated with non-compliance.

Streamline Your Management Operations

The Workforce Coordinator provides automatic tracking of employee progress and automatically sends out refresher notifications to the employee. Delinquency updates sent to HR. Our state-of-the-art management module will reduce the workload of Human Resources Administrators, Safety Managers and Safety Engineers



Learning Management System

The Workforce Coordinator is a customized online Learning Management System (LMS) with courses focused on OSHA safety training. 


Safety Program Management

Our experienced Risk Consultant Professionals will ensure that your employees are provided with training solutions that fit your company’s specific needs.


Compliance Tracking, Reporting and Notifications

The Workforce Coordinator makes compliance tracking easy. Click to read more...


Select course individually for custom training.


Courses added weekly


Courses upadted as needed


Subscription includes an annual review of safety concerns and appropriate courses.